Winegar meets new ISO 9001-2015 standard

winegar cert 2017Winegar, Inc is pleased to announce that we have been audited to meet the new ISO 9001-2015 standard. The new designation was effective as of March 09, 2017.

This was an extensive, in depth review of our quality systems, and procedures. We are proud of the concern for quality that is shown by our team, and shown in the workmanship of the product we produce.


Construction Update !

jan2013We have completed the cement work on our “extra heavy duty” floor. Final slab was poured 12-31-12 ! The floor is designed to hold increased sized and weight equipment as we expand our machining capabilities. Concrete in the floor  is 12” + in thickness with two 5/8 mats of re-rod. The next three steps to be completed will be:

  1. Painting and fire suppression system in January.
  2. Electrical and permanent lighting in February,
  3. Be able to move some equipment into the new space in March 2013.

September 2012 – Winegar, Inc is Expanding!

Pictured above is the progress being made on a new addition to the east side of the facility. The 20,000 square foot addition will enable Winegar to structure machining operations in a more “lean” configuration, as well as allow for more cellular operations with today’s larger machining centers. The addition will increase total square footage to over 120,000 square feet and enhance machining capacity and efficiency of future operations.